The Crypto Mafia ©

The Crypto Mafia is a collection of 15,000 NFTs each with their own combination of Professional and Criminal Skills for future use in a Play to Earn Game on MOBILE. (Android+IOS) You will need to own at least one NFT to play the Game.

MINT IS LIVE! | 0.089/NFT |Fair Mint, no whitelist and same price for everyone.

Exclusive Airdrop! Mint 5 X NFTs  to get one for FREE!


1- Starting the communication - Creation of the community around the project.  

2 - Selling our NFTS - The first 100 ethereum generated will be immediately reinvested to accelerate the Game development and promote the project. We hope to be able to offer you very quickly the possibility of earning money by playing and thus making your investment profitable!

3- Game Design. Your nfts will come to life in our mobile game, their professional and criminal skills will determine what they will be able to do, gang war, fight for territories, robberies, car chases, get ready for an intense experience! Our guideline is to make a game that is fun, accessible and that does not necessarily require you to devote a lot of time to it in order to succeed in generating profits.

 4 - Game Launch! Exclusive gifts for our members to celebrate the launch of the game, free nft? The future will tell! It will certainly be the moment when the whole world will want to offer you the craziest sums to buy back your NFTs :)

5 - We buy lands in differents Metaverse to be the place for our Community Meetings and Events. Because beyond a Game, The Crypto Mafia is also a family. Owning a Crypto Mafia NFT is the sesam to access these inedit events, which for some will also take place in the real world.

6 - Opening of the community vote on the future of the project. Would you like one of your dreams to come true? The best ideas will be voted on by the owners.


Lucas - Chief -  15 years experience

Raphael - Developer - 5 years experience

Sven - Community Manager - 7 years experience